When we learn to function within the greater intelligence of life, we also find that with greater wisdom comes greater responsibility. What do we mean by this? As our consciousness expands there are unresolved issues within the consciousness of self that need to be worked out, as the higher energies interacting with our system are demanding instant upgrades. It is like joining a more advanced class in school. Suddenly you are expected to be able to perform at a much higher standard whilst there are still potential gaps within your knowledge, and what we previously believed to be true must now perceived from a more developed perspective. From a level of consciousness we can see these as lower energies that need to be raised up, incoherence within our system that is not in alignment with the greater intelligence that we are now rubbing shoulders with. And usually this is in the form of leaving behind our limiting beliefs. This can be challenging as the world of forms is premised on duality where contrast is the name of the game and yet we are learning to think without creating conflict, contrast, limitations etc. When we enter the higher mind there is no contrast. Only flow. Hence whilst we are subject to increased levels of inner conflict as our mind experiences system upgrades it is useful to enter this higher state of consciousness where the mind is free from suffering (contrast) and can review and resolve – from a level of mind – worldly challenges within this greater intelligence. If we try to address this intensified state of inner struggle from the lower, dualistic mind we inevitably create more contrast as this is the way the lower mind functions. Whereas if we seek to resolve these challenges within the intelligence of life we avoid adding to further suffering and can resolve them peacefully. From a state of flow we are able to see the lessons we are learning within the challenges faced, whilst the infinite wisdom also offers up ideas of how to neutralise the pain or suffering experienced in those situations. And this is not all that we are here to learn, to alleviate these inner tensions. As our understanding grows we realise our own role within the intelligence of life itself and that in order to create greater harmony within our own existence we need to learn to align our own consciousness with that of life itself, and be co-creators within the same river that is driving the evolution of all of life. We are ultimately learning to cohere with life itself.

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