Peace means to be free from conflict. Operating within the intelligence of life enables the mind to lift itself beyond duality, contrast, conflict or resistance. To a state of flow. Therefore for us to be at peace we need to learn to exist within the intelligence of life. It requires us to function from a selfless perspective as the higher mind is unencumbered the consciousness of self. If we take the analogy of the leaf on the tree, we the individual minds of the human collective, are the leaves on the tree, existing within our own consciousness yet also within the consciousness of the life of the tree itself. Like cells within a body we are part of a greater whole. Therefore our consciousness is indivisible from that of the consciousness of life itself. One life. And yet we experience life from a state of separateness, as our dualistic mind creates the illusion of division. When in the higher mind all illusion of duality is absent. There is simply flow of consciousness, guiding us to evolve within its intelligence, in coherence with its own evolution. When functioning within its wisdom we are learning to think as life itself, responsible for the evolution of the whole, in all its parts. The more we look after life, the more we are able to think as life and the greater the expansion of mind. The more good we do for this greater existence in all its components the more the good comes back to us and the easier it is to think from a higher mind. Our mind is being lifted to the level of life where it is making a difference. Hence why religious and spiritual practices usually promote service as it advances spiritual evolution. The planetary visualisation found here is a form of service – on the level of consciousness – as it is designed to help lift life. It is very brief yet impactful. By practising this on a daily basis over time the mind starts to acclimatise to a more wholistic view of life. It is of immense value to those who seek to lift the mind beyond the consciousness of self as it trains us to create thought for the greater good, and as such is building the foundations for the selfless universal mind.

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