To give is to be given to (receive). You know when someone goes out of their way to do something nice for you or to buy you a special gift, you usually feel like you want to do something nice back, right? The person is not asking you for a favour in return and yet you have this urge to return the kindness. Putting it very simply, the act of giving is energetically creating a return pull, which is the impulse behind the urge to return the favour. You notice how many times the word ‘return’ returns in these sentences? Not a coincidence. When we give, there is an energetic boomerang effect. This is important to bear in mind when considering developing universal consciousness. Just sitting there meditating is not enough. We have to actively engage in the intention of giving in order to receive the expansions of consciousness we wish to obtain. Hence why it is widely understood that meditations which give something back (like planetary meditations or spreading good energy to other living beings) provide greater ‘spiritual reward’. The good that we share to others in these meditations comes back to us and enhances the beneficial impact on our own system. Service (doing good) is a form of giving. It is the selfless expression of the self, however contradictory that may sound. In service the self practises to be selfless. Universal consciousness is selfless as it is the intelligence that guides the whole in all its parts. It promotes evolution and progress for all of life. We are just microscopic specks of dust within that much larger chain of events playing out within the river of life. That river is heading somewhere, but whilst our consciousness is for the most part still located at the level of self-consciousness and not directed towards progressing the greater good of life, our engagement with and understanding of this greater river is limited. And yet when the individual consciousness is lifted to make a concerted effort to progress life as a whole, for example by doing daily planetary visualisation for the positive evolution of life, we are able to obtain greater expansion. The giving in this creative exercise involves the positive shaping of consciousness for the benefit of life on earth. This positivity is mirrored within our own system supporting a positive state of mind and wellbeing. And not only that, we are training the consciousness of self into selfless expansion towards the universal mind, making it easier for us to develop the higher mind and benefit from the intuitive insights this brings.

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