Resistance is what blocks us from the greatest opportunity. If we could just get rid of that disturbance within our minds we would be rolling with life. But we’ve gotta do battle, mostly with ourselves, in order to progress. Inner resistance is the greatest source of disruption to our growth. We, who hold ourselves back. The nature of duality means that we progress based on contrasting experiences and these often cause inner struggle and suffering, slowing us down in what we are truly capable of. There is nevertheless a way we can develop whereby we avoid the whole process of resistance. This is by creating change within the greater intelligence of life. Resistance takes place due to two factors, lack of coherence within one’s own system and lack of coherence with the greater system of which we are part, which creates double whammy breaks on our progress. However when we create within the greater intelligence of life and we align our intention with the greater wisdom imparted by this higher consciousness, we are co-creating with the intention of life itself. Whilst functioning within the higher mind the change we introduce is free from conflict, and on a level of mind upgrades are instantly installed without having to go through all the contrasting experiences that life would otherwise present us with. This allows us to bank instant progress in the flow of life and bypass conditioning and resistance. No more ‘one step forward, two steps back’. It is simply one step forward, followed by another step forward. From the point of view of consciousness we avoid battling through incoherence which causes conditioning and resistance. We are simply moving forward, instantaneously, without doubt, worry, apathy or other self-sabotaging behaviours standing in the way of our personal development. In summary, when we create progress from the higher mind we are letting our reality materialise in the flow of life.

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