No gain without pain? Pain comes in all shapes and sizes, from physical to psychological. When functioning from the lower mind inner conflict is integral within its operation, as it is premised on contrast. As soon as the mind has defined what it likes and dislikes, or sets its sights on something – a desire or intention to be made manifest – the dualistic lower mind attracts that which we want. But being rooted in duality, within that process it also seeks to create order by highlighting incompatible states of mind that are incoherent with the desired outcome. This means that as we move forward in a certain direction there are counter-forces at play that are clamouring to be resolved. Have you ever noticed that the greater the transformation you seek, the greater the challenges that start to surface in your life? This is simply the reconciling of different states of consciousness, helping us resolve that which is out of alignment and gain the experiences we need to come into alignment. This is beneficial as the resistance we experience is actually there to help us progress. It is simply pointing out to us that which is out of alignment with what we seek to attract. Hence, ironically pain is an opportunity for gain. But what if we could gain without pain? Only when functioning from the higher mind do we get the opportunity to create beyond duality, to fully progress on all levels of our existence completely free from resistance. This means that from a. level of mind or consciousness, we can bank real advancement simply by operating from the higher mind. What we will find is that so-called ‘issues’ that previously created so much upset or disturbance within our system can be moved forward a great deal simply by resolving them from a higher mind. Suddenly that which caused an absolute road block before, where simply we could not get past a certain problem, now suddenly no longer has any hold over us. Because the beauty of consciousness is that by changing thought content our whole reality shifts. Only when working towards a state of coherence by resolving our challenges in alignment with the greater intelligence of life does the problem resolve.

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