Transmitting coherence. There are many reasons why it benefits us to find ways of releasing, or better said, upgrade incoherence within our system. We never truly ‘release’ consciousness. We simply mutate by altering the meaning assigned to the energy contained within our programme. It may sound complicated to repair our system but in actual fact it is extremely straightforward. There are no hard and fast rules on how to go about doing this. When we consider that all existence is made up of consciousness and that nothing is exempt from it, we start to understand that all life is programmed. Programmes can be evolved and improved, with bug fixes launched where the system experiences suboptimal performance. Hence when we desire one thing yet have conflicting states of consciousness within our programme (the mind), we transmit an incoherent signal. Add to this all the inconsistent thoughts we have had in regards to the matter in question, and you can see how much we stand in the way, energetically, of what it is that we want. When seeking to materialise a new reality for our lives we must be aware of all the thought we have created around this topic. Because only when all thought is aligned do we transmit a coherent signal that is able to attract its matching reality. What do we do when we have for example experienced a lot of contradicting thoughts, such as ‘I want this, but I am worried that….’.? Well, we simply go back to this consciousness and reprogram it. Upgrade it to something more uplifting in alignment with our new intention. It’s the same as when we have a memory pop up about something that we have experienced. Our mind is like a large library of consciousness with everything neatly filed away and we can interact with anything stored in it. Hence if we want to upgrade a thought we simply go back to it and replace it with a new one. Like recollecting a memory, return to it and rewrite it. Because memory is simply stored consciousness within our system, that can be upgraded at any time.

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