Higher Mind Programme

Unify Mind, Action & Life: Maximise your potential with personalised 1-on-1 guidance in the Higher Mind Integration Programme.



The Higher Mind programme, to be completed within a 12-month period, empowers you to cultivate a higher state of consciousness and integrate its wisdom into all aspects of your life. The programme equips you with personalised guidance and exclusive materials to accelerate your progress. It is divided into 3 terms, covering aspects of Mind, Action and Life integration.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Personalised Guidance: Receive 10 x 30-minute one-on-one online sessions each term, tailored to your unique goals and challenges.
  • Exclusive Content: Gain access to higher mind questionnaires, exercises and planning tools, enriching your growth experience.
  • Flexible Start Dates: Begin the programme at any point in the year, progress at your own pace, and complete it within the 12-month cycle.

Programme Length

  • Total one-on-one guidance: 945 minutes (30 x 30-minute sessions + 3 x 15-minute welcome discussions, attached to each first session of term)
  • Completion timeframe:
    • Fastest: 30 weeks (one session per week)
    • Flexible: Up to 1 year (you can adjust the pace to accommodate holidays or personal needs)

Programme Structure

The programme is divided into three distinct terms, each focusing on a specific aspect of higher mind integration:

  • Term 1: Cultivating a Clear Mind
    • Focus: Develop a strong foundation by clearing mental blockages and aligning yourself with your life's greater purpose.
    • Activities:
      • Welcome session (15 minutes) to discuss your goals and aspirations.
      • 10 weekly one-on-one sessions (30 minutes each) focused on:
        • Understanding your goals within the context of a larger intelligence.
        • Setting clear and aligned goals.
        • Identifying and resolving mental blockages through the lens of the higher mind.
        • Weekly homework assignments to solidify learning and cultivate a higher mind perspective.
  • Term 2: Taking Inspired Action
    • Focus: Translate insights into action, taking steps towards achieving your goals with clarity and purpose.
    • Activities:
      • Welcome session of 15 minutes to assess progress and refine your goals
      • 10 weekly one-on-one sessions (30 minutes each) focused on:
        • Reviewing and potentially refining your goals based on progress and emerging insights.
        • Developing a practical action plan aligned with the higher mind.
        • Implementing actions and addressing any internal resistance that arises.
        • Weekly homework to apply learning and build momentum.
  • Term 3: Holistic Integration
    • Focus: Integrate the higher mind into your daily life, creating lasting coherence and sustainable progress.
    • Activities:
      • Welcome session (15 minutes) to assess progress and consolidate goal integration.
      • 10 weekly one-on-one sessions (30 minutes each) focused on:
        • Refining your plan and addressing any remaining blockages.
        • Building coherence across all areas of your life in service of your goals.
        • Developing strategies for anticipating and managing potential challenges.
        • Designing a sustainable plan for continued growth after completing the programme.
        • Equipping you with the tools to adjust your actions and maintain momentum.
      • Weekly homework assignments designed to reinforce learnings and propel you towards your vision.

Programme Benefits

  • Gain clarity on your life's purpose and direction.
  • Overcome mental blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • Develop a strong foundation for achieving your goals.
  • Take inspired action and experience greater motivation.
  • Create lasting coherence and wellbeing in your life.
  • Cultivate a higher mind perspective for long-term success.
  • Understand how to lift the mind beyond conditioning and resistance
  • Access improved levels of inner peace, health and wellbeing

Getting Started

Once you enrol in the programme, you'll receive an email within 24 hours of making payment, with the invitation to schedule your first session. This introductory session includes a 15-minute welcome discussion to explore your personal goals, immediately followed by a 30-minute programme session.

Before your first session, you'll receive an Introduction Questionnaire to complete. This will help tailor the programme to your needs and forms the foundation for our welcome discussion.

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