Upgrade your consciousness to move forward

Why do we tend to fall into the same habits and behaviours, and why can progress be rather slow when we decide to introduce change into our lives? Whilst we desire rapid advancement it can be like ‘one step, forward two steps back’ with many doubts, self-sabotage, stress or other forms of resistance along the way. Why do we seem to be standing in the way of ourselves when we want to move forward? In psychology this is often referred to as ‘conditioning’, in that our past conditions our future and that we need to rewire our mind in order embed new habits and behaviours. Let us go into this from a level of consciousness because once we understand it from this angle we can also learn to break the mould that prevents us from moving forward. And breaking the mould is a good analogy here. Because from a level of consciousness all thoughts we have had in the past stay with us, and form the programme of our mind. This means that this totality of ‘thought forms’ – the mould – is the self-consciousness from which we create our lives. All our ‘new’ states of mind, or thoughts, are created within the same programme that also contains all these prior states of mind, and this then conditions our thinking. Our mind is still swimming within the same pool of all that went before, and unfortunately we cannot just hop into a new pool when we want to alter ourselves. If only this were possible life would be so much easier. Our self-preservation instinct relies on this conditioning of mind, because if as a child we burn our fingers in the fire, we learn that fire is dangerous and not to repeat the same action. Next time we approach fire the mind warns us to be careful. But this same functioning of mind, which relies on duality (contrast) to reason what the best way forward is for self-preservation or self development, can also work to our detriment. Because these prior states of consciousness are still part of the same programme of mind (that same old pool of consciousness that makes up the self) and as such can also present resistance to our progress. Here is a case in point. Imagine you want to create wealth in your life setting up your own business, but you have personally experienced previous periods of financial difficulty, your parents always told you to ‘just get a job and that running your own business in risky and not financially secure’. And you have recently witnessed a friend whose business failed, went into bankruptcy and ended up losing his house. In addition to this you are also aware of many other entrepreneurial startups that have failed, maybe from stuff you’ve read in the news or heard somewhere. There is so much influencing your consciousness, which the mind then uses to build a case ‘for’ or ‘against’ progress. As the consciousness of self is premised on self-preservation, the mind acts out of caution to protect the self and uses negative examples to form a pattern in your mind which points out the potential dangers in our decision-making. This causes you to conclude that achieving financial success with a startup is tough. Meanwhile you keep pressing on with your business but all these thoughts of doubt and worry start to crop up that are then causing you to lack belief in yourself. First you start to build greater caution into your plans, compromising your initial ideas and playing it safe. And it is like you’re wading through all the lack of belief that something could possibly be successful, in order for you to be successful. And from a level of consciousness that is exactly what is occurring. Every negative thought that has been processed by the mind stands in the way of our success, and will resurface when we decide to reach that new ambition. All that is happening is that our mind is simply pointing out anything within its programme that is incoherent with our desired outcome for success. Hence these disruptive negative thoughts re-emerge to be brought into alignment with our new vision for success. This is often experienced as disturbances to our progress and these corrupting thoughts keep popping into our mind to tell us ‘remember that time you did something similar and it went all wrong, therefore what are the chances of you succeeding this time?’. More self-doubt and resistance creep in and before you know it you have talked yourself out of that new business idea, and give up before you’ve even started, deciding to listen to your parents instead and get that safe job, where you have secure income. It is this total state of consciousness that is conditioning our progress and if there is much incoherence within our prior states of mind to contradict our envisioned outcome, then resistance can be pretty full on. For attracting more abundance into our life we first need to address all the poverty consciousness and reprogram it to wealth. Going back to the earlier analogy, we have to create a new mould within the programme of our mind. We will find that as soon as we set ourselves a financial target, the resistance starts to creep in, which is simply the programme asking to be upgraded. Therefore rather than letting ourselves be overwhelmed by all the seemingly negative thoughts trying to corrupt our success, they are actually simply requests for upgrades, like bug fixes in a computer programme. The mind is just saying ‘I want to radiate wealth so that I can attract wealth but I have all these incoherent states of mind that are currently preventing this alignment. Here is a thought that needs reprogramming’. The easiest way to tackle these disturbing thoughts is to take the opportunity to lift them up to a state of mind that signifies, in this case, ‘wealth’. The most simple way to do this is to overwrite that old thought with a new positive thought. We are simply reprogramming the consciousness so that it is now in alignment with the outcome we seek to accomplish. If you have done this successfully you will notice that the same disruptive thought no longer resurfaces. If it does come back, and often it does, for example when dealing with a long-held belief, then simply repeat the reprogramming. People find this sometimes a little peculiar as they think that we cannot change what actually happened but from a level of consciousness you can change anything, because consciousness is simply energy with meaning. Change the energy to a new meaning to radiate that which we wish to attract. After all, we are what we think.

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