Higher mind. I haven’t got a clue

Higher mind is a state of consciousness that is free from duality (contrast). Trying to describe it with words is already creating limitation and duality, as words in essence create contrast by defining ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’. In other words, language is wholly inadequate when trying to explain this concept which can only be truly understood through experience. Hence I humbly apologise beforehand that if you are trying to understand what is being explained here from the lower mind (through the process of reasoning and analysis) you will find that everything written falls terribly short in truly getting to the bottom of things. It is like trying to explain spirituality with science. We try as best we can but somehow always remain out of reach. It is believed that the dominant force in this universe of forms is love and that it plays a role in vibrationally attracting our reality to us. But who can scientifically prove this? There comes a point where reason gives way to intuition and we perceive and understand things beyond analysis. This blog is written based on the downloads, channellings, or observations – whatever name you’d like to give this way of perceiving – gleaned whilst functioning from the higher mind. And even these greater wisdoms are not always understood to their highest potential, as it is still being translated by the person receiving them into their own mental interpretations. As a person learns and grows – through the challenges in life which help them evolve – their understanding of the wisdoms being imparted also expands. Hence the only way you will make any sense of these blog posts is by letting go of reason and allow intuitive impressions to form.

Are we in two minds?
The words ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ are used to describe different ways of perceiving, helpful to our dualistic mind to differentiate between two states of processing information – in duality, or free from duality in synthesis – but in actual fact the mind is a continuum that stretches from self-consciousness all the way to universal consciousness.

Sometimes people refer to the higher mind also as the intuitive faculty. This way of perceiving information you could say has reached our understanding in a manner that functions beyond reasoning, or the process of analysis. When we analyse something we function from the lower mind, which is rooted in self-consciousness and duality. This means that our thinking is subject to contrast and resistance. You know that feeling that you just had a really positive thought and then just moments later your mind introduces doubt or worry? This is because self-consciousness is subject to duality. The beauty of being able to function from a higher mind is the state of flow, enabling us to create more rapid transformation and progress free from resistance and beyond conditioning.

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