Giving back to life that has given life to us.

Will we ever fully understand the greater picture? Highly unlikely. What is behind this life and what is creating the force that propels us forward in this eternal evolutionary cycle of movement. Why is there something within us that always drives us to want to do better and strive for more? What is the intelligence that informs this entire universe, down to life at microscopic scale? From a lower mind functioning in duality (contrast), bound by limitation of ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ the full picture always remains illusive. But when aligning our mind to the intelligence of life itself we come a little bit closer to greater understanding in incremental mind expansions, always being able to see and understand a little bit more than before. If we solely rely on our experiences playing out in duality with the mind functioning and bettering itself by overcoming its own conditioning and tied-in resistance, the evolution of mind is slow as we are faced with an uphill struggle. If we function more consistently from the higher mind, we still encounter lessons in life (unfortunately we are never exempt from those) but the progress we make on other levels is that much greater, due to the powerful current that supports our development. When operating within the greater intelligence of life we are able to align our own intentions – the intentions of the self (at the level of self consciousness) – with the greater consciousness of life itself enabling us to be in the flow. This allows us to swim along in the vast current of the intelligence evolving all life, which demands that we “projectile” forward within our development. From a lower mind perspective – the consciousness of self – this is both beneficial and at the same time challenging. It is good because suddenly we are able to see a very powerful and purposeful way forward and we start to move in that direction. However as we align our little individual minds to this greater consciousness there are also a few things that need to be straightened out for us to be able to keep moving forward within this much more powerful and cohesive current. This is where the lessons come in (always sucking us back into the struggles of duality). The reason for this is that our mind is subject to incoherent consciousness based on our life experiences that are preventing our progress in the river of life, such as limiting thoughts or beliefs that are not fully in alignment with where we are now heading. This creates a demand within our self-consciousness to upgrade our thinking, on the one hand pulling us forward within a greater vision and on the other demanding that these past limitations are being resolved. Operating within this greater intelligence is where the flow of life is to be found. It requires us to cultivate a self-less mind, which seems completely impossible. Because how can the self be without the self? And this is the source of eternal inner conflict because however hard we try to remain within the greater consciousness of life we are still tied to self. Hence cultivating a higher mind is not about getting rid of the lower mind but rather encouraging it to function in greater coherence with the greater intelligence of life, which requires us to learn to think as life itself. If you had created life here on earth what would you want to happen? How would you want to see the natural resources and the many life forms on this planet being managed? And when you think as the caretaker of this planet, it requires you to consider the positive evolution of all its parts, all living forms, cultivating a mindset of the ‘greater good’. And so the key in accessing the higher mind lies in our intention. When it is our intention to give back to life that has given life to us the selfless part of our consciousness is activated and the higher mind unfolds.

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